Discover the world on the reliable wings

of the DV-1 SKYLARK ultralight aircraft

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Comfortable and spacious cabin of the DV-1 Skylark ultralight aircraft

Try the comfort of the spacious cabin of the …

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Build your winged dream

Would you like to know your plane right down …

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How to make the DV-1 Skylark ultralight aircraft

The DV-1 Skylark ultra-light aircraft is manufactured in Paskov …

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Dova Aircraft

Almost 20 years of tradition and experience

  • Czech production
    The DV-1 Skylark as well as its individual components are the result of co-operation of our experts.
  • Safety and reliability
    No compromises. Your safety is paramount to us!
  • 20 years of tradition and experience
    The idea to produce aircraft appeared in 2000 and the first DV-1 SKYLARK aircraft produced here took off in 2002.
  • We fly around the world
    The quality of our aircraft is not only appreciated in the Czech Republic but also abroad.

As a pilot of DV-1 SKYLARK aircraft
you will also become part of our family

More about the company

The DV-1 Skylark aircraft is flying around the world

„Every flight with Skylark is an amazing experience. Pilots will definitely appreciate the comfort and its elegant design. “

Adam Zahradníček Adam Zahradníček Czech republic
Carlos Martínez San Millán Carlos Martínez San Millán Spain
Radek Hoffmann Radek Hoffmann Czech republic
Jaroslav Hanák Jaroslav Hanák Germany
Andreas Jahnke Andreas Jahnke Germany
Daniel Huot Daniel Huot France
Jindřich Povolný Jindřich Povolný Czech republic
Björn Reder Björn Reder Germany
Radka Máchová Radka Máchová Czech republic
Marcello Tessieri Marcello Tessieri Italy
Paulus Wahl Paulus Wahl Austria
Daniel Matusek Daniel Matusek Switzerland
Maurice Marrot Maurice Marrot Luxembourg
Vojtěch Jerguš Vojtěch Jerguš Czech republic
Alessio Colantonio Alessio Colantonio Italy
Alejandro Lopez Alejandro Lopez France/Spain
Ilia Gontcharov Ilia Gontcharov France

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