Comfortable and spacious cabin of the DV-1 Skylark ultralight aircraft

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Try the comfort of the spacious cabin of the DV-1 Skylark ultralight aircraft

When you first get into the cabin of the DV-1 Skylark ultralight aircraft, you will immediately notice the practical and ergonomic layout of all the controls of the aircraft. The feeling of comfort will not only be provided bythe comfort of the pilot’s seat or the wide view from the cockpit, but also by the precision with which individual parts of the pilot’s space are arranged. As soon as you lean against in your seat, you already know that this aircraft will fly almost on its own.

In clover even during a long flight

The pilot seats have a major influence on the comfort during flight. They are ergonomic to provide maximum comfort to your legs and back. You will appreciate it especially during a long flight taking several hours. For your DV-1 Skylark ultralight aircraft, in addition to the classic upholstery fabric, you can choose luxury imitation leather one made of Alcantara, which is not only breathable and comfortable to touch, but also easy to clean.

The seats can be positioned forwards and backwards in three positions, making it easier for pilots of a small figure or those with long legs to steer.

In case of a flight in the pair your comfort is also enhanced by a meter-wide cabin, which means you are not packed to each other like sardines.


Wide sky overhead

The cockpit canopy of the DV-1 Skylark ultralight is one-piece and it is made of plexiglass. All the area around you and above your head provides a wonderful and spectacular view of the ground below and the sky all around. The absence of a central beam allows you to enjoy unobstructed view in any direction without having to lean forward or move your head.

The one-piece fibreglass cockpit canopy is, of course, adapted to the high aerodynamic flying performance of the DV-1 Skylark ultralight aircraft.

It is warm in the cabin of the DV-1 Skylark ultralight even in winter

Enjoy the blue sky and beauty beneath you in any weather in the cabin of the DV-1 Skylark ultralight aircraft. The cabin ventilation is provided by ventilation valves connected to the NACA inlets, so you will always be in the fresh air during your entire stay in the cabin. Those who require more thermal comfort can have additional warm air outlets fitted to their aircraft dashboard.


Safety hand in hand with design

The advanced ergonomics of the cockpit not only takes care of your comfort but also ensures passive safety during the flight. The geometry of the brake pedals is designed to minimize the risk of unintentional braking. The dashboard can be fitted with avionics of your choice, as you are accustomed to from another ultralight aircraft. Everything will be exactly tailored to your needs to make Skylark even easier to control.

The four-point safety belts with shoulder straps are adjusted so that they will not be too tight anywhere, and if there is an unexpected movement, they will keep you safely in the seat of the DV-1 Skylark ultralight.

Enjoy your flight in DV-1 Skylark

Open the cockpit canopy, get in and sit down. We have been manufacturing ultralight aircraft for you for twenty years already and we know how to combine the safety of controls with the comfort of the cockpit. Lean back in the upholstered pilot’s chair, grab the stick and up into the clouds.